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More Value from Your Industrial Assets

For more than 40 years, Asset Recovery Direct has offered more solutions by one vendor than any other company in its field! We take a team approach to advising clients on the right services, strategies and develop a sound plan to help recapture the investment of your surplus assets.

Increasing Revenue

We lead the way in recapturing the value of your assets, and our recovery team can offer to buy your assets or provide consignment services. We have two easy ways to turn your assets into positive revenue. The best value offered is from our consignment service that includes:

Step One - Getting an estimate of your assets. Once both parties agree to the value, we take the asset into inventory.

Step Two - Advertising of your assets to our network of buyers and dealers worldwide. If removal is needed, we can perform services to remove your assets. If your assets require moving, we provide warehousing of the item until sold.

Step Three - Sending you a check when the item is sold and paid for. We take a small percentage agreed on by both parties.

The Market for Your Assets

If consignment is not right for you, we make an offer to buy your assets outright. The recovery team makes you a fair offer to buy a single item or the complete facility. Reach out to us when you are decommissioning your facility.

A Change for the Better

If you have assets that need to be remanufactured, we provide that service as well. Asset Recovery Direct can help turn your outdated equipment into modern, efficient, eco-friendly machinery. When we remanufacture your equipment, you receive a warranty and at 60% less than the cost of new. If your equipment is too old or cannot be remanufactured, we help you salvage it and get you the best market price. Rely on us to help you apply the funds from salvage toward new equipment or our remanufactured stock.

Inventory & Cataloging

Keep track of your inventory with a full onsite survey of your assets or plant from Asset Recovery Direct in Indian Trail, North Carolina. We help you inventory and catalog each item for stock, resale, or salvage. All surveys come with a hard copy and a digital copy in Excel™, Word™, or PDF. At your request, we provide web based tracking of your assets.