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The Asset Recovery Direct executive team proudly offers more solutions by one vendor than any other company in its field! Our executive team has more than 40 years of electrical engineering expertise, more than 20 years in plant operations and management, more than 20 years in equipment removal, more than 15 years of re-manufacturing equipment, more than 20 years of demolition and salvage services, more than 30 years in executive level business management, more than 14 years of information technology services, and more than 20 years of asset recovery services. 

 At Asset Recovery Direct, we offer years of experience in the asset recovery business, and we can help you determine the value of your surplus products and equipment. We also remove any equipment for you that no longer meets your needs. If it is truly obsolete, we manage its disposal in accordance with environmental regulations. Our goal and mission is to obtain the highest return on your surplus and obsolete assets with proven asset recovery programs.